Booking the jumping castle:

Please view our range of castles we have available. Once you have decided on which castle you would like to hire please contact us on 0413 979 422 to organise the date and time.


On the Day of the hire:

We will arrive to install the jumping castle half an hour before your chosen time for hire. The site for the castle must be on flat ground and large enough to accommodate the size of the castle. Unless otherwise arranged, this site must be cleared, within 25 metres of an electricity point and be on grass. We will also require access to the site to be at least 1.2 metres in width. Please advise us if there are more than 3 steps to get past when accessing the site.

We will also instruct you in the operating of the jumping castle. This will include an inspection of the jumping castle pointing out all the features. Once the jumping castle has been installed, it must not be moved. The set up process should take around 15-20 mins to complete.

Please note – No Food, Drink, Lollies, Face Paint or Sharp Objects are permitted in the Castle. No Adults are to enter children’s castles unless they are seated – max 1 adult at any one time.

At the end of your hire period we will return to remove the jumping castle. This should take around 20 mins to complete. The castle must be in the same condition as we left it.

If you have any concerns at all during the hire please give us a call on 0413 979 422. We’re here to help!